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School Workshops

We are open to whatever instructors feel would be most appropriate for their students. Some of our successful ideas for more interactive workshops and concerts are listed below. Obviously the ideas will not be appropriate for all age groups.

Music and TV
exploration of where we listen to Classical music TODAY
how music can affect what we feel when we watch a TV scene
live music to a silent film (live musicians used to be hired in cinemas!); these will include modern, romantic, and classical
two types of music with the same scene; they can create a completely different mood (scary vs. funny, etc.)
students will create a "screenplay" based on the music we play (music will include program music from the romantic era and Canadian works).

Young Composers
discussion about the lives of young composers today and centuries ago
the differences in education, musical surroundings, and technology
music examples will include works by Mendelssohn and Mozart written prior to their 16th birthdays, as well as commissioned works by young Canadian composers

Introduction to the String Family
A basic workshop on the differences and uses of string instruments
introduction to the instruments: names, parts, strings, materials (horse hair!) etc.
we will encourage the students to relate the instruments to voices, animals, or colors
musical demonstrations of each instrument alone
examples of how instruments can "fight" or work together
we will include demonstrations of the "funny" sounds (pizzicato, col legno, sul pont., etc.)

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